Monday, May 24, 2010

Homework for the Summer: Lost and Delirious

I have been given an assignment. In exchange for staying in my friend's apartment for a month while she's off galavanting in her home turf, I must watch a number of gay films, get caught up on some lesbian short stories, and watch 5 seasons of The L Word. (I also must watch the first season of Glee, but that's besides the point...)
Since I intend to faithfully complete these assignments, I thought I would share my thoughts with you.

Being the good little student that I am, I started right away today with Lost and Delirious, a Lea Pool film.
The summary reads: "Mouse Bradford has just arrived at Perkins Girls College, leaving behind her father and stepmother and the small town where she grew up. Her two senior roommates, the striking, sharp-witted Pauline and the Charming and beautiful tory, quickly adopt Mouse who has lost her mother. When Pauline and tory are found to be lovers, Mouse is caught in the role of accomplice and confessor, and is left torn between her two friends."

The film won some awards too:
CSC award for Best Cinematography in Theatrical Feature

DGCATeam Award for Outstanding Achievement in a Feature Film
Genie Award for Best Achievement in Cinematography
ADF Cinematography Award
Stockholm Film Festival Audience Award

What can I say about this film? I think the real question is, what can I not say about this film?! It touches upon so many issues, including mother-daughter relationships, as well as father-daughter relationships - something I have been thinking about a lot lately."Janet, my fake mother smiles without her eyes, and her hands are cold."
The film also addresses some young-woman come-of-age and understanding sexuality stuff "Until that night, I had never had any feeling down there at all. I was, a kind of wooden doll, without blood in my body. But that night, that night I started to feel the blood moving."
There's some feminist stuff in there as well... Tory faces off with a young man, the contendor for Pauline, in a fencing match, and kicks ass. They also attend an all-girls college, with it's own interesting set of rules. Clearly the university seeks to be lady-like and appropriate, on the surface, but the reality of the institution is rather different. "Gabbing? I consider that word a punch in the face, Ms. Bennet. It's a word males use to shut us down; to trivialize our talking to each other. You wanna be a part of that shit? Huh?"

But of course... this is a film about the experience of two young women in love, from families where women do not love other women, and expectations will social requirements will hold you in your place. Tory and Pauline's story... is perhaps all too common. "Liar! Liar, Liar, Liar! You've all got your heads up your assholes because love is. It just is and nothing you can say can make it go away because it is the point of why we are here, it is the highest point and once you are up there, looking down on everyone else, you're there forever. Because if you move, right, you fall. You fall."